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Let's Customize a Consultation Program That Meets Your Specific Needs!

Experiences may be offered in an in-person, online, blended, or HyFlex format.

Are you looking for a persuasive keynote for your conference?

Do you need for an engaging speaker for an event you're hosting

Speaking Engagements


Topics of focus for previous speaking engagements have been:

  1. Technology = Ally ≠ Enemy: How to Work More Effectively with the Machines.

  2. Strategic Solutions to Species-Level Problems: How Education Can Save Us.

  3. Embedding Emotion in Our Work: How to Train and Measure Emotional Intelligence.

  4. How to Design, Develop and Deliver Innovative Educational Experiences.


2023 Conference for the Consortium for Schools Networking (CoSN) in Austin, Texas.

Do you manage subject matter experts who need to learn more about the artful science of teaching?

Do you have employees who need help developing a learning program or strategic plan?

Do you have staff who need to develop skills working and/or teaching online?

Communities of Practice (CoP)

Practical, group-based educational experiences are wonderful opportunities for DEEP LEARNING.

The magic of these interactions takes place over time, as we build trust, meaningfully share, start to develop new skills and transform culture. For that reason, your community of practice can take place over weeks or months, and operate on either a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

Topics of focus for previous experiences have been:

  1. How to create a meaningful strategic plan in collaboration with your co-workers.

  2. How to build persuasive communication skills for fundraising within a not-for-profit.

  3. How to train and reliably measure the acquisition of skills like Empathy or Compassion.

  4. How to design a pan-university course in co-operation with different departments.

Do you want to design a strategic plan to support a culture of learning at your organization?

Do you need help drafting a competency framework or creating performance evaluations?

Do you want support in prototyping and iterating innovative design solutions?

Targeted Consultations


Personalized results require personalized support. I have worked one-on-one with some of the most forward-thinking organizations and institutions in North America, and I relish the opportunity to dive more deeply into the specific needs of a community in order to customize the most powerful and purposeful solution possible. As you would imagine, the timing and cost of these types of consultations will vary depending on the needs identified and resources available. For that reason, targeted consultations take place on a project-to-project basis, or are carried out as part of a longer-term retainer agreement between myself and your organization or institution.

Deliverables associated with such consultations have been:

  1. The framework for a 2-tiered Leadership Certificate Program in continuing education.

  2. The design, development and delivery of multiple online courses in the private sector.

  3. The creation of a 6-module Professional Development Program on innovative educational methods available for all public postsecondary instructors across Ontario.

  4. A competency framework for Academic Advisors that helps to build cohesion at the provincial level, while allowing for customization at the institutional level.

Do you want me to lead a formal course for your community on Harmonized Intelligence ?

Do you have a specific learning goal in mind that needs an experienced facilitator?

Do you want to join me in one of the formal courses I am already offering?


Course Instruction

Teaching is at the core of who I am. No matter what design or development work I might be doing, I am always operating from my "teacher" mindset and leveraging my comprehensive toolkit of instructional methods. For that reasons, facilitating formal courses is a service I will continue to provide in conjunction with my consultations, research and written work.

Courses currently offered / running:

  1. Systemizing Innovation (Part of the Business, Finance, and Management Certificate Program at UofT School for Continuing Studies)

Courses coming soon or previously delivered:

  1. Designing Innovative Learning Experiences (Out of Humber College's Institute for International Development)

  2. Teaching & Learning with Technology (Out of York University's Faculty of Education)

Ready to Get to Work?

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