Harmonized Intelligence
(HIQ )



With technology getting better and better at sourcing and delivering information at the touch of a screen or the cue of a voice, humans need to get better and better at the things that makes us the most versatile and valuable.

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A soon-to-be released training manual for HIQ   has been designed as an adaptive learning experience, much like the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books you are familiar with from childhood! This unique and engaging book will help anyone, anywhere access the skill systems they need to live in harmony.


Harmonized Intelligence is a network of 12 key skills working in symphony to cultivate the mindset and promote the behaviours necessary for the 4 essential competencies of change leadership:

  1. Emotional Literacy - The ability to identify, manage, and express feelings.

  2. Social Presence - The ability to form and maintain positive relationships.

  3. Operational Agility - The ability to flexibly interact with and interpret information

  4. Collective Capacity - The ability to connect and contribute to shared goals.

HIQ  Will Help You:

Adjust and adapt with greater ease

Play nicely with others

Work smarter, not harder

See the forest AND the trees

Make friends with the machines

Reduce your stress levels

Live more mindfully

Respond effectively to change


How Harmonized
Are You Today?

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