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Harmonized Intelligence (HIQ)

With technology getting better and better at sourcing and delivering information at the touch of a screen or the cue of a voice, humans need to get better and better at the things that makes us the most versatile and valuable.

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Harmony Is: The coming together of individual elements into a unified system.

HIQ Is: A system of 15 innately human skills working in symphony to cultivate the habits of mind and body that can help you to feel more calm, stay curious, practice communication, show compassion and build community.

These 5 core qualities of the human experience can be broken down into tangible and trainable skill sets. You could teach them in isolation (through a course on the Artful Science of Communication, for example) or you could embed them directly into your course, leadership style or organizational culture.

No matter who you are (an educator, an HR manager, sales rep or CEO) and no matter what specific subject area or industry you might be interested in (math, marketing, science or customer service) there will always be an opportunity for you to model these skill sets and support their sustainable development.


HIQ will help you...

  1. Feel Calm - Nurture a strong sense of presence.

  2. Stay Curious - Cultivate a mindset of wonder, inquiry and growth.

  3. Practice Communication - Purposefully exchange information and ideas.

  4. Show Compassion - Identify struggles and work to relieve suffering.

  5. Build Community - Create positive relationships and contribute to shared goals.

HIQ Skills Framework - 2022.png

Developing Your HIQ Will Help You To...

Adjust and adapt with greater ease

Play nicely with others

Work smarter, not harder

See the forest AND the trees

Make friends with the machines

Reduce your stress levels

Live more mindfully

Respond effectively to change

Ready to Tune In to Your True Potential?

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