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Teaching is the process of experience design.

Learning is the forging of new connections.



Someone who understands how our thoughts and feelings relate to our biology and behaviours. I help individuals, institutions and organizations tune-in to their true potential through the creation of technology-enhanced teaching and learning experiences that build connections to information, ideas and each other.

As an educational consultant who has worked across 4 continents, I know that teaching and learning permeates all aspects of our lives. By moving away from systems of isolated knowledge transmission and starting to value integrated skill-building, we can transform our systems of education in order to solve some of the biggest problems our species has ever faced.



I build relationships. Not client lists.

The people I have had the pleasure of working with over the years are each seeking to cultivate resilience, innovation, and responsiveness in their own way, each working to promote the development of a systems mindset and the essential skills needed to lead through change.

Some of my collaborators:

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5 Things to Know
About Me 

1. I love a challenge! I am driven to find positive solutions to the BIG problems we face as a global society and truly believe that education is the key. Do you have employees will skills gaps you don't know how to fill or professors resisting cutting-edge instructional techniques? I thrive in the discomfort of major cultural shifts!


2. I studied Developmental Psychology, International Development and Sociology at McGill University, received my Master's in Teaching from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE/UT), and was awarded my PhD from York University, for examining how to use technology to build community in online learning spaces.


3. My favourite part about being an entrepreneur is the fact that I make my own schedule. I value my time and I will not waste yours.


4. Learning requires attention. I will work to ensure that the experiences we build for your community are as customized and engaging as possible.


5. I believe in humanizing digital education, putting the human at the center of a technology-enhanced experience that has been built in-line with my core values: Systems Thinking, Industry Innovation, and Educational Integrity.

Selected Publications

Digital Transformation: How Public-Private Partnerships Can Help Higher Education

  • Sengara, M., & Mangeol, P. (2023)

  • eCampus Ontario Newsletter

Team Tasked with Re-Imagining Course Delivery

  • Interviewed for the article by: Smith, E. (2021)

  • YFile Magazine - Innovation Edition

Learning Management Systems are More Important Than Ever

  • Interviewed for the article by: Peters, D. (2021)

  • University Affairs Magazine

From Radical Disruption to Robust Systems: Change Management for The Evolution of Trust in Higher Education

  • Sengara, M., & Gage, W. (2019)

  • White Paper published through York University

Teaching with Technology: Hybrid Pedagogy in Higher Education

  • Jenson, J., Dahya, N., & Sengara, M. (2017)

  • Canadian  Journal for Higher Education, Simon Fraser University

Like it: A Facebook E-learning Environment for Higher Education

  • Morbey, M. L., Sabeti, F. M., & Sengara, M. (2016)

  • In D. Fonseca & E. Redondo (Eds.), Handbook of research on applied e-learning in engineering and architecture education

Recent Presentations

Consortium of Schools Networking (CoSN) Austin, TX, USA

  • Session Title: Closing Keynote

  • Paper: Creating Robust Systems of Innovation in a Post Digital World

Oxford Education Research Symposium, Oxford, U.K.

  • Session Title: Innovative Instructional Methods and Pedagogy

  • Paper: Designs That Build Community & Promote Achievement Online   

Global Summit for Online Learning, Toronto, Canada

  • Session Title: Course Design, Development, and Delivery

  • Paper: Transforming Experiential Learning Online   

American Education Research Association, San Antonio, U.S.A.

  • Session Title: Access and Innovation

  • Paper: Designing for Equitable Student Outcomes in Blended Spaces   

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