Promoting Technology-Enhanced Teaching & Learning Strategies That Develop The Essential Skills Behind Resilience, Innovation, & Responsiveness.

Current systems of education around the world are not preparing learners to be versatile and valuable in a rapidly changing, digital world.

More disruption, displacement, and diversity in the world means we need to create systems to more flexibly develop skills and measure success.

With work becoming more mobile and collaborative, we need to design human resource systems that promote connection and agility.

How do you teach people to think in flexible, innovative ways? You focus on PROCESS!

In order to promote Harmonized Intelligence™, we need to create project-based experiences that engage learners in a process of idea experimentation.

You tell me what you want to teach, and I'll show you how you can teach it using this engaging process of network building and idea generation.

How can you learn to attune, adapt, and respond to change without stressing out? You focus on SKILLS!

Harmonized Intelligence™ is a dynamic network of   aptitudes and attitudes that focus on process and help you connect imagination to intellect.


Training these 12 skills cultivates high-performance habits that help you attune, adapt and respond to a rapidly changing world both at home and at work.

Helping Individuals, Institutions, and Organizations

VP Teaching & Learning, York University

Working with Michelle at the strategic level makes us better as designers and practitioners of higher education.


Women Leadership Nation

Michelle's course designs and expert instruction empower people to manage and respond to a rapidly changing work/life reality.


United Way Greater Toronto

She's a teaching and learning ROCK STAR! Helping us focus on process, and the skills necessary to develop a culture of innovation.


Open Universities for Refugees

Michelle's passion for sustainability, resilience, and educational integrity is a perfect combination for positive change.


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