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Build Resilience, Responsiveness &

A Culture of Innovation!

Design and deliver optimized experiences that asks people to TUNE-IN
to how they think and feel, form relationships, make choices, and manage networks of information, ideas and other people.


ADVISE - Let's talk about how to create opportunities to experiment and experience process skills!
DESIGN - Let's create engaging, cutting-edge programs that target your specific needs!
ENHANCE - Let's integrate this thought process and skill science into your existing resources!
  • Short Term (less than 20 hrs.)

  • Mid-Term (between 20 - 50 hrs.)

  • Long-Term (more than 50 hrs.)



  • Workshops for Harmonized intelligence™ are engaging, interactive experiences tailored specifically to your learning community. Just tell me how much time you've got, what your skill priorities are, and a bit about the team you want to train. We can focus on cultivating growth mindsets, applying process methods, or targeting our training on specific skills. Your training will be personalized based on your specific learning targets, and the time you have available.
  • 1/2 Day Primer (3hrs) - Disrupting old habits

  • 1 Day Discovery (7hrs) - Activating new habits

  • 2 Day Intensive (14hrs) - Consolidating new habits

  • 4 Day Deep Dive (20hrs) - Strengthening new habits


Coming Soon!

An Interactive Training Guide for Harmonized intelligence™
  • Understand the science behind the skill set and how to pattern high-impact habits
A Measurement Toolkit for Harmonized intelligence™
  • Track the development of these 12 essential skills in your teaching and learning community
An Instructional Design Handbook for Harmonized Intelligence™
  • Create personalized project-based learning experiences using these process templates and activities

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