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When I was 6 years old, I gave my mother a blank sheet of paper and told her there were a series of math questions on it that she had to answer. I also told her that I would promptly mark her paper for her once she was done, and I wanted her to try her best!

Being the incredible mother that she is, she diligently completed the invisible problems and returned the paper to me. I proceeded to mark it up with Xs in red and √s in green. Classic teacher habits before I even knew what it meant to be a teacher.... but even then... I knew I wanted to play a role in the development of someone's skills.

Since Kindergarten, I have loved the human symphony that was school, learning made me feel more powerful with each passing day, and I was annoyed that I had to take summer vacation, praying that it would end!!

Trust me, I know how delusional this all sounds, and as one of 4 siblings, my brother and sisters made it clear to me that summer vacation, in fact, was what I should be craving! Unfortunately for them, I rocked up after labour day with the biggest smile on my face as opposed to the despair I could feel in their hearts :-) I was blessed with an amazing teacher in Grade 2 (shout out to Mrs. Nolan) who inspired me even further, and now, more than ever, I honour those early inclinations to educate.

Whether we're talking about our relationships with family, our journey's as professionals or our development as people, EDUCATION IS THE COMMON DENOMINATOR, and as a person who wants, more than anything, to have a positive impact on this world... Education is the path that chose me... not the other way around.

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