I build relationships. Not client lists.

The individuals, institutions, and organizations that I have had the pleasure of working with over the years are each seeking to cultivate resilience, innovation, and responsiveness in their own way, each working to promote the development of a system mindset and the essential skills needed to lead through change.


  • Consulting in higher education on technology-enhanced course designs and instructor skill preparedness

  • Coaching teams in the public and private sectors on effective and efficient digital skill systems

  • Working with Human Resource departments to update training methodologies and skills content

Michelle's passion and enthusiasm towards pedagogy is contagious. Her ideas and visions are transformative! A pleasure to work with.

The more we discuss the potential for digitally enhanced education, the more I get excited about the opportunities that are ahead!

Kerri Moreno, CPDS

Client Manager Higher Education IBM Canada,

Working with Michelle has put everything I thought I knew about teaching & learning under a microscope.

I've learned not only how to be a better teacher, but to enjoy my job WAY more.


I'm so excited about what we're designing and creating together online, our achievements have far surpassed my expectations, and we're only just getting started!

Cecily Milne, Director - Yoga Detour

Working with Michelle, you inevitably get a dose of positivity and enthusiasm! As an educator she prioritizes the well being of her students and personalizes her instruction to fit the learner.


She understands alternative learning as an opportunity for people both young and old, to gain access to information / ideas in ways that make sense to them.

Stephen Cooper, Veteran Educator

Toronto District School Board, Toronto

When you work with Michelle you are asking for educational excellence. Her passion for your project coupled with her attention to detail, make her an INVALUABLE part of any team.

But what truly makes her unique is her ability to adapt and pivot based on rapidly changing environments. Michelle doesn't see problems... only opportunities!

Tessema Bekele, Executive Director

Emmanuel Development Association, Ethiopia

Thank you SO much Michelle for amazing sessions that were filled with energy, enthusiasm and incredible learning opportunities that were tailored to my specific learning community. You're a ROCK STAR!

I truly appreciate how you are able to take such complex ideas and topics and break them down into such interesting and engaging learning experiences.

Samantha Freeman-Atwood, Registrar

University of Toronto - Faculty of Dentistry

Dr. Sengara's knowledge in neuroscience and her ability to explain complex concepts in clear yet engaging language, was an incredibly valuable contribution to our team.

She produced dynamic educational frameworks, was able to work remotely with ease, and then joined us on-site for an engaging project presentation.

Charlene Haykel, Managing Principal

The Haykel Group LLC, New York

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